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At Fisher, we have a specific strategy and plan to help owners get increased profit from their most important asset–your business.

Barb Fisher, CEO Fisher Bookkeeping

Simply Put

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    We analyze the financials are they are today.
  • 2
    We compare them to industry elite.
  • 3
    We put the operation on a plan for profit payout, tax allocation, and paying the owner what the business should–and can–pay.
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This means you:

  • Pay off current liabilities
  • Allocate profit from the next sale
  • Adjust owner compensation appropriate to the business

The program starts with a 3-month commitment. After that, continuation is month to month, and option. For many businesses, it can go forever, in the same way an elite athlete continues to use a trainer. 

The entire program is built around a best selling book, Profit First. The book's author, Mike Michalowicz, is committed to ending entrepreneurial poverty. 

Fisher Bookkeeping is a certified Profit First Professional.