for your business

At Fisher, we have a specific strategy, and plan, to help owners get increased profit from their most important asset–your business.

Barb Fisher, CEO Fisher Bookkeeping

Simply Put

  • 1
    We analyze the financials as they are today.
  • 2
    We compare your financials to industry elite.
  • 3
    We put the operation on a plan for profit payout, tax allocation, and paying the owner what the business should–and can–pay.
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This means you:

  • Pay off current liabilities
  • Allocate profit from the next sale
  • Adjust owner compensation appropriate to the business

The program starts with a 3-month commitment. After that, continuation is month to month, and optional. For many businesses, it can go forever, in the same way an elite athlete continues to use a trainer. 

The entire program is built around a best selling book, Profit First. The book's author, Mike Michalowicz, is committed to ending entrepreneurial poverty. This is also my promise to you as your Profit First Professional.

Fisher Bookkeeping is a certified Profit First Professional.