Great bookkeeping leads to a great business.

Whether it’s managing the cash of a fast growth business, building timely reporting for an investor, or getting books clean and ready for monthly stakeholders, Fisher has always been focused on running a better operation via accurate, timely bookkeeping.

Examples of projects Fisher can help facilitate:

  • Monthly bookkeeping for a small business (or weekly, or annually)
  • Annual catch-up of solopreneur businesses
  • Calculating cost of menu to plate within a restaurant
  • Build monthly closing processes
  • Fill and process transitions within a financial department: job description, job posting, software testing, initial interviews, documentation

If you're just getting started, and not quite ready to hire, you can find help and advice on our business resources page.

Fisher always offers an initial consultation. During that time, we will figure out if we are a fit, and how best to help you accomplish your goals.

Portland, Oregon, USA skyline at dusk on the Willamette River.

Fisher is based in Portland, Oregon, and helps regional and national clients keep up with daily / weekly / monthly financial management. We clean up, train, manage projects, serve as a financial department, or advise our business owners about where to start. We are advocates for the money and the cash process.