How much will it Cost to clean up my QuickBooks?

How much will it Cost to clean up my QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an excellent software program for small business accounting practices, however it does have one flaw; its efficacy is subject to the accuracy of the data input.  In computer terms, we call it GIGO, or garbage in, garbage out. It’s only ever as good as the information the bookkeeper enters.

First of all, QuickBooks must be set up appropriately. Depending on your type of business, small business accounting systems can vary. Small errors made during the original set up can cause a host of problems later on, which you may be encountering.  Secondly, even fairly skilled bookkeepers entering data into QuickBooks can make mistakes along the way.

If your QuickBooks balance doesn’t match your bank balance, your checking and credit card registers are not reconciled, or your bookkeeper quit suddenly and your whole account is a jumbled mess, you should invest in a professional bookkeeping service who will clean up your QuickBooks program and put you back on the right track.

As to the cost for such a service, it varies with the company who provides it, as well as the complexity of the account.  You should be able to get an hourly rate quote up front and a ballpark estimate for the overall project.  Many companies (including Fisher Business) offer a free consultation, during which time they will go over your QuickBooks program and estimate the amount of work involved in the cleanup.

At any rate, you should consider it money well spent, as good decisions cannot be made based on inaccurate data.  Careful business accounting practices are essential for every organization’s bottom line.  How can you make confident decisions about spending and investments if you have no idea whether or not you’re even making a profit?  Once you get your QuickBooks program cleaned up and operating properly, ensure you get thorough training on how to enter the data and check the work, or continue with a bookkeeper to do it for you.

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