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Why and When Do You Need Outsourced Bookkeeping Services?

As a small business owner, if you are handling all of your company’s money flow, you may start feeling overwhelmed.  Even with robust systems in place, your business bookkeeping needs can outgrow

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Payroll: Prep Work to Get Ready for Employees in Oregon

Before getting payroll in Oregon, there are some key items you need to get together for your growing small business. A key one is your Oregon Unemployment Tax Number, aka your Business Identification

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Finding & Managing an Outsourced Bookkeeper

Why Outsource a Bookkeeper? When considering how to handle the money flow for the business, outsourcing a bookkeeper is a smart use of funds for many small businesses. Outsourcing the books allows the

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4 Steps to Checking Your Small Business Bookkeeper

As business consultants that are often brought in to shore up the small business bookkeeping, we can tell you a few ways to check the work and make sure it is trustworthy. This is a simple list to audit

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4 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Financial Department

Fisher Business Management is a firm specializing in bookkeeping and small business consulting, so I often spend time and energy showing the benefits of outsourcing a department that is traditionally

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How we on-board new bookkeeping clients

Once small business owners figure out that we know a lot about bookkeeping and QuickBooks, the next question is: “How much and what do I do next?” The other day, I was cc’d on an email that outlined

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