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What Type of Information Can KPIs Provide?

Owning or running a business of any size requires a close relationship with the money you’re generating and spending. From start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations, tracking financial key performance

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How Does PPP Forgiveness Work? Where Do I Allocate the Funds?

With a new round of Paycheck Protection Program loans available, many small businesses are eager to take advantage of the help. The good news is that this time there is a $2 million cap, making it more

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A Bookkeeper’s Review of Payroll Systems for Your Business

Hiring your first employee as a business owner is an exciting step. However, it also brings a new requirement: payroll. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you have to pay them, and payroll systems

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How To Have a Smooth Financial Audit for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits rely extensively on donations and grants to fund their stated work. In return for their charitable activities and services, they generally enjoy significant tax benefits. To help keep all the

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5 Ways to Spot Financial Fraud in Your Business

When you run a business, you hope that your employees will take pride in the work they do for you. But even the best bosses can find themselves with unscrupulous workers. And financial fraud in your business

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Best Financial Habits for Your Business in the New Year

Even in the best of times, many people enjoy setting intentions and resolutions when a new year rolls around. And under challenging circumstances such as we’ve seen in 2020, looking forward to a fresh

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