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Comparing QuickBooks and MonkeyPod Software: Which is Right for Your Nonprofit?

Which software tool is right for your nonprofit? Selecting the right accounting software is crucial for managing the finances of your nonprofit organization. With options like QuickBooks Online and MonkeyPod

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Elevate Your Nonprofit’s Financial Management with MonkeyPod Software and Fisher Bookkeeping

As an Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, financial management is critical in achieving the mission of the organization. While QuickBooks has been a staple for many nonprofits, a new player

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3 Pitfalls of Big Online Bookkeeping Services

Many small businesses seek online bookkeeping services when they first start. And for many companies, those big platforms are perfect as they get going. But a lot of business owners find that those services

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A Bookkeeper’s Review of Payroll Systems for Your Business

Hiring your first employee as a business owner is an exciting step. However, it also brings a new requirement: payroll. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you have to pay them, and payroll systems

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The 5 Best Features of Xero

In the US, Xero is a smaller accounting tool than its big brother, QuickBooks. However, when it comes to cloud accounting, Xero is the leader in every way. In this post, I'll share our favorite features

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3 Dangers of DIY Bookkeeping with Xero

Xero is a great software tool for many small businesses. I’m a big fan. But, last week I promised to share the dangers of Xero, so you can make a more educated decision. These are the things we often

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