Bunk Sandwiches: Ready for Growth

When the owners of Bunk first contacted Fisher, they were quickly outgrowing their existing bookkeeper.

They needed help, and they needed it quickly. Right away Fisher was able to jump in and help them organize and control their bookkeeping functions, so they could focus on the larger picture.

Creating systems to drive growth

​As the processes were beginning to function, the owners of Bunk were able to plainly see what was happening within the business, and were able to make changes. Some of the major movements have been:

  • Buying out an existing owner
  • Bringing on a new equity partner
  • Growing the catering side of the business significantly
  • Organized sales of merchandise to bring profitability
  • Being able to respond quickly when food costs increase so the bottom line is not affected

Building on a firm foundation

Now that Year 2 with Fisher Business Management has begun and bookkeeping is dialed in, Bunk is able to begin looking at other pieces of their business to continue the improvement.

As an outsourced bookkeeper, Fisher regularly sits down with clients to review their financial reports and check in on projects and progress. Nick Wood, one of the owners of Bunk Sandwiches, sat down and discussed what has happened in the last year since engaging the services of Fisher Business Management. Nick reflects on how the process has been so far, and shares some advice with other restaurant owners who are considering a switch to outsourced bookkeepers.

You guys are killing it! I always get my reports by the 15th, and they are always clean and ready to analyze immediately. When we get our reports, my Fisher consultant digs in to verify that what we are seeing is true and accurate. Because we see everything in a timely way, it is pretty straightforward to address any issues.

Working with an outsourced team is a good, clean process. It is great to be able to customize reports, or dig into issues. It probably took six to seven months to get it to the point that we have a solid report package, but some of this was me figuring out which departments should be combined, how I wanted to see the data. But, after that it just goes. I get reports, we have a meeting and dig in. It’s great.​

We have been working with them for over a year now and it’s been great, taking so many things off of Nick and I’s plates so we can focus on growing BUNK.

I have a team of experts for those weird questions that come up during the regular course of business. We get our profit and loss statement in the first week of each month which has been infinity useful in managing inventory, staying on top of labor, and keeping a watchful eye on Cost of Goods.

Our success with Fisher is really the only reason I feel comfortable recommending them, we have tried bookkeeping in a variety of different ways (in house & other firms) and they are the best.​

 Nick WoodOwner | Bunk Sandwiches

About the Author Barb Fisher

Barb is the CEO of Fisher Bookkeeping, an outsourced bookkeeping consultancy that provides small businesses with a full-service financial department. Her favorite aspect of work is to break down the accounting to meaningful bits, so entrepreneurs can make a powerful difference in their own business. She's also a power lifter (squat: 215, DL: 270).