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What Type of Information Can KPIs Provide?

Owning or running a business of any size requires a close relationship with the money you’re generating and spending. From start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations, tracking financial key performance

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Understanding what Profit means to the Value of your Business

Your business is making a profit every month… Great! As the primary business developer at Fisher Business in Portland, the question I have to answer most often to my clients is ‘Where did all this

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A Single Meeting to Gain Focus and Clarity

Today, we completed a planning session for one of our clients. We have done outsourced bookkeeping for the small business for a couple of months, and the need for business consulting has become clear. This

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Free Outsourced Bookkeeping Audit Available

Do you want to better understand your small business bookkeeping work? Do you have specific questions about the financial situation of your business? Is your bookkeeping done in QuickBooks? Receive a free

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Key Performance Indicators make our Small Business Owners Happy

Today seemed like a great time to show you a photo of a business owner with one of our business consultants. The owner is Erik Ekman of Outside Van. Their business has grown aggressively in the past three

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When I look at the Profit & Loss, where did that money go?

Here at Fisher Business, we get asked this question a LOT. Pretty much every business owner and entrepreneur we work with asks this question. Here is the most common question, with a graphic to further

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